Cyclades, GreeceMykonos, Paros and Santorini Combined

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"Live a true summer experience"

They are called the diamonds of the Aegean Sea because of their crystal clear waters. White houses under a bright sun, blue waters, great food, starry nights and a feeling that this is how life should be will accompany your memories all through the winter. If you really want to taste what summer is all about don’t miss this unique opportunity to visit the Greek islands.

Our package includes a combination of Mykonos, Paros (or Naxos) and Santorini. There is the possibility to execute the tour in the opposite order upon request and availability.


Day 1,2,3: Arrival, transfer to the hotel and stay in  Mykonos

The flagship of the Greek islands really does not need recommendations. Here, island life and tradition meet cosmopolitan style and elegance. Peaceful, secluded, loud, partying whatever type of vacationing you wish, you can find it here.

Numerous beaches, one better that the other, are waiting for you to discover them; Either organized where you will enjoy royal services, either with beach bars where people dance from noon or secluded where it is just you and the sun, there is a beach for every taste. Be prepared to be amazed by the astonishing old Town of Mykonos with its white traditional houses. Take your time to walk its side streets full of life in every corner with little shops, restaurants, cafés, and bars. Watch the sunset from the Little Venice area where the houses are built right where the waves crash. Taste your drink gazing at the clear starry sky or dance until the crack of dawn. Everything you want is in this island.

Day 4,5: Departure from the hotel after breakfast for the port of Mykonos. You take the ferry for Paros where you will spend the next two nights.

Continue your journey to Paros. The main adversary of Mykonos, Paros holds its ground with equally beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and vibrant life. Wander in the cobbled streets of Naousa the most picturesque village of Paros and enjoy your dinner by the sea. Visit the Golden Shore beach with golden sand and crystal clear waters. Enjoy the elegant beach bars and the night life. And don’t forget to visit the Panagia Ekatontapiliani the largest Palaiochristian temple in Greece or make a trip to the small island of Antiparos.

Alternatively, Instead of Paros you can head to Naxos (upon request and availability)

The largest of the Cyclades, Naxos is an island with great tradition and archaeological interest. Take your time to explore the island and you will find secluded beaches of extreme beauty and picturesque mountain villages where you will taste great traditional cuisine. Visit ancient ruins and capture a moment in history when you discover the oversized ancient statues, laying there on the same place where they were left, unfinished, for thousands of years, under the sun. And don’t forget to admire the beautiful sunset form the Portara, a hill at the edge of the port where a huge gate is all that is left form a temple of Apollo. Whether with your family or with friends, the island can cater every choice.

Day 6: Departure from the hotel after breakfast for the port of Paros. You take the ferry for Santorini where you will spend the next two nights.

Being one of the top destinations in the world, Santorini will just steal your heart away. The white and colored houses of its capital Fira are uniquely built on the edge of the rock over the sea, creating a mesmerizing and unique image. The islands history goes back thousands of years ago and you will have the chance to watch one of the most impressive preserved ancient settlements in the world dated back to 4500 BC. Enjoy your swim in the black or the red beach who have got their names by the distinctive colours of the sand due to the volcanic rocks. The most magical moment of Santorini is the sunset. Take a good seat and be amazed by the sun that sets into the sea painting the sky with colours out of the most imaginative artist’s pallet. Good food, clear blue waters and a the most beautiful setting for your holidays, Santorini the ideal summer destination.

Day 8: You have breakfast and then you are transfered either to the port or airport of Santorini



  • The order of the islands visited might be changed as well as the duration of the stay on each island according to boat schedules or due to weather conditions

Hotels used

The hotels displayed below reflect the level of quality and location offered. If not available at the time of booking, we will provide a similar hotel.

Standard Hotel Selection

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Hotel Domna or similar


Hotel Athanasia or similar


Hotel Marinero or similar


Hotel Al Mare or similar


Superior Hotel Selection

The selection includes the below hotels or similar:


Hotel New Aeolos or similar


Hotel Crystal Palace or similar


Hotel Aegeon or similar


Hotel Princess of Naxos or similar


Deluxe Hotel Selection

The selection includes the below hotels or similar:


Hotel Grand Beach or similar


Hotel Aegean Plaza or similar


Hotel Contaratos Beach or similar


Hotel Naxos Resort or similar


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